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Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto

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UPC: 689178735695

The Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto is a testament to the Plasencia family's longstanding tradition in the tobacco industry. This cigar is crafted with a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, showcasing the family's commitment to using their own carefully cultivated leaves. Measuring at 5x52, the Robusto size provides a well-balanced smoking experience that suits a wide range of preferences. The Reserva Original boasts a medium-to-full body profile, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors that include notes of earth, cedar, toasted nuts, and a touch of pepper. This combination creates a satisfying complexity that evolves throughout the smoke. The construction is top-notch, ensuring a consistent burn and an effortless draw. With its rich history and artisanal craftsmanship, the Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto is a fine choice for enthusiasts who appreciate a cigar with deep Nicaraguan roots and a refined flavor profile.

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