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Perdomo 10 Year Sungrown Super Toro

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UPC: 817866020949

Elevate your cigar experience with the Perdomo 10 Year Sungrown Super Toro, a cigar that reflects Perdomo's dedication to quality and flavor. This medium to full-bodied smoke features a Sun-grown wrapper aged for a decade, resulting in a harmonious blend of robust flavors. Upon lighting, you'll be treated to notes of cedar, roasted nuts, and a touch of spice, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable smoking experience. The expert construction ensures a smooth draw and even burn, allowing you to fully savor each moment. With the Perdomo 10 Year Sungrown Super Toro, you're embracing a cigar that embodies Perdomo's commitment to producing cigars that deliver complexity and richness, making it an excellent choice for aficionados seeking a substantial and satisfying smoke in the generous super toro size.

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