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Humidipack Xikar 72%

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UPC: 850661003151

Elevate your cigar storage with the Humidipak Xikar 72% humidification pack. Meticulously designed, this pack provides a convenient and hassle-free solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels within your humidor. With a humidity level of 72%, it ensures that your cigars are stored in the perfect environment to preserve their flavor, aroma, and quality.

The Humidipak Xikar 72% utilizes patented technology to release and absorb moisture as needed, effectively preventing both over-humidification and drying out of your cigars. Simply place the pack in your humidor and let it work its magic. This pack is an essential tool for every cigar enthusiast, ensuring that your collection is consistently stored in the best possible conditions. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of cigars, the Humidipak Xikar 72% offers an effortless way to maintain the ideal humidity for your cigars, allowing you to enjoy each smoke to the fullest.
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