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Ashton CT Half Corona

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UPC: 819577013845

The Ashton CT Half Corona is a petite and exquisite cigar that exemplifies the artistry of Ashton's craftsmanship. Encased in a silky Connecticut Shade wrapper, this small yet flavorful gem holds a blend of premium Dominican tobaccos aged to perfection. Its mild to medium-bodied profile offers a smooth and creamy smoking experience, perfect for aficionados seeking a relaxing and flavorful escape. Despite its compact size, the Ashton CT Half Corona delivers delightful notes of cedar, subtle spices, and a touch of sweetness, making each puff a satisfying pleasure. With impeccable construction, this cigar ensures an even burn and an effortless draw, allowing you to fully appreciate its well-balanced flavors. Ideal for short breaks or when time is limited, the Ashton CT Half Corona is an excellent choice for those seeking a brief moment of luxury amidst their busy day.

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