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Ashton Symetry Sublime

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UPC: 819577012411

The Ashton Symmetry Sublime is an extraordinary cigar that delivers an exceptional smoking experience from start to finish. Handcrafted with the utmost precision and care by the legendary Fuente family, this premium cigar showcases their unrivaled blending expertise. It features a harmonious blend of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, artfully wrapped in a lustrous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Upon lighting, the Sublime captivates the senses with a symphony of flavors, including notes of cedar, leather, spice, and subtle hints of roasted nuts. The medium-to-full body profile offers a perfect balance of strength and complexity, ensuring a gratifying smoke for aficionados seeking a refined taste. With its perfectly crafted shape and size, the Sublime provides an effortless draw and a smooth burn, allowing the flavors to unfold with each puff. The elegant band and flawless appearance add to the allure of this remarkable cigar, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or moments of relaxation. From the moment you ignite this masterpiece to the last lingering puff, the Ashton Symmetry Sublime promises a journey of sophistication and satisfaction that will leave a lasting impressio

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