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Ashton CT Senoritas

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UPC: 819577013890

The Ashton CT Senoritas is a delightful and refined cigar that captures the essence of Ashton's expertise in crafting premium cigars. Featuring a smooth and silky Connecticut Shade wrapper, this petite smoke houses a harmonious blend of aged Dominican tobaccos. Its mild to medium-bodied profile presents a balanced and nuanced flavor profile, making it a perfect choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of cigars. With each draw, you'll be greeted by gentle notes of cedar, creamy sweetness, and subtle spices, creating an enjoyable and relaxing smoking experience. The Ashton CT Senoritas is meticulously constructed, ensuring a consistent burn and an easy draw, making it an ideal companion for moments when time is limited. Whether you're savoring a brief respite during a busy day or looking to complement a special occasion, the Ashton CT Senoritas offers a refined indulgence that exemplifies the sophistication of Ashton cigars.

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